Garmin sorted out

I have NEVER installed a Garmin mapping product without at least 1-3 calls to tech support. Thank the Goddess that Garmin has good techs.
I could not get my GPSmap 276c, tried and true for 10 years, to work with my laptop.

Soooooo….through modern technology and eBay…
I bought a new/old Garmin GPSmap 478, which got me the latest maps for free as the free upgrade with a 478, WIN!

I sold the 276c on eBay for enough to pay for the 478, AND a XM weather satellite/radio antenna. The 478 can hold the whole country map installed, the 276c can only hold chunks, the 478 has XM radio and can display satellite weather maps, with the right antenna and the XM service.

This was about two weeks of work, but all is well.

Baby’s got New Shoes!

Put the new tires on for the road trip, new Metzler Sahara 3 for the front, new Metzler ME88 Marathon for the rear.
This is a street touring rear tire, good for 10k miles, hopefully.
The front is the standard for my bike, a 21″ enduro tire.
I ‘might’ be able to pull off the whole loop on the same tires, but the desert eats tires, I will be homeward bound, and hauling assinski.

I think installing another set out there somewhere might be in order.

Getting Ready

More easily said than done….
so far, every test ride as resulted in shedded parts…
Ride 1, for instance, to Downieville for an ADV campout, had the right exhaust header blow off…whupps! It was the Redwood Run, so lots of Harleys about, I fit right in, parts falling off, loud exhaust, etc.

Ride 2, to Santa Cruz, had my left handguard mount bolt, washer, and spacer take a walk.
I apologize to whomever caught those, aiiiighhht?

I went over the whole bike checking bolts and nuts, thanks for asking.

MegaTour 2016

Well, I am retiring from Mendocino Community Network after 18 years. My first vacation after starting at MCN was to the east coast on my K75s, so it is appropriate, and a life-long dream, to loop the US. Since it is summer, it will be a clock-wise loop. I am also turning 60 this summer, so I have to have a decent party. My friend and touring partner Dave Wells will be at the party, he now lives in Michigan, so we are fly fishing our way to MI after the party. After that, Maine, for some lobster! At that point, I turn south, he goes home, and there are no real plans.

Here is an approximate route. This is 10,000 miles, if riding 8 hours a day, this route would take 3 weeks solid. I am hoping to take 2 months, and expect it to be more like 12k miles.


I will re-route for hurricanes, tornadoes, and/or forest fires.

The Beast is my 1981 R80G/S, purchased from Jack Price before he died, must have been about 30 years ago. I have fixed it up for this type of trip, now it is time to hit the road. There are over 300k BMW miles under me arse, so I am not a rookie, by any means, but this will be the longest yet.


I will be posting photos of The Burden as they are packed.

Miles of Smiles