Romper Road…Hwy 96!

Well, that was fun!

We blitzed out of Mendocino about 12:15, good traffic north on Hwy 1, and The Lizard was fairly clear, so a fast trip to Hwy 101.

101 was the usual summer slug fest, but we gobbled them up eventually.

6pm found us in Willow Creek, after a lovely lunch at HumBrews in Arcata. The tourons on Hwy 299 had no chance, we passed constantly.

Dave has radar 🙂

Hwy 96 was soooooooo much fun we just did the whole damn thing. The lighting was perfect, the sweepers all swept, the river chuckling along below us as we ate up those miles.

Dave has Clearwater LED lights, of course, so between us we lit the night. Now you know why I have to “Be Like Dave”

He found us a nice dive in Yreka, $45 for the night, a very cute pink shower that is FANTASTIC, and very comfy beds.

Today we haul ass into northeastern Oregon after breakfast in Montague at The Dutchman. Our route is bending us through Bend, appropriately.

I have apparently forgotten my USB cable, or it is buried somewhere, and I also forgot all my maps. Drrrrr.

However, my GPS foooookin’ rocks, it routes at least 5 times faster than the old one, and also informs me that we may be seeing thunderstorms this afternoon!

Buen Camino!

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