Mad Dog Down!

It sounds like a bad movie, and it is, in a way….except I am in it!

We rode up from Pendleton on Thursday, easy day of about 240 miles, fun roads, perfect weather. My GPS routed me a nice short cut from Clarkston north, I lost Dave doing the turns it told me to do, so I had to go back, find him, convince him to trust my GPS, and then we were off. He stayed behind me all the way to St. Maries, ID after that.

As soon as we got to St. Maries, our victualling stop, he pulled out from the stop sign, cut in at the handicapped ramp on the corner, and nailed a curb at an angle. DOWN like that. He hit very hard, didn’t even move for awhile. We got the bike up, police and ambulance were there in a few minutes, we checked his neck, got him rolled over, and out of his jacket. Poor guy was sweltering in there.

After getting him into the hospital, getting a CAT scan of his brain, he mentioned ankle pain. We got the boot off and it was pretty obvious it was not right.

He is ok, he had a bad concussion with the associated bleeding on the brain, confusion, and memory loss that can cause, 4 cracked ribs, a fractured ankle, and a heck of a shiner. His gear prevented worse injuries.

Doc said to fly him home, so Doug will escort him back, I will get a U-haul van, put both bikes in it, and drive to Michigan.

I will restart the tour from there.

I think we need to get Dave a U-haul cap and sticker for his saddlebags, this is the second U-haul for him this trip, his stator went out in AK.

The Adventure Continues!


Mt. Shasta


Break spot, somewhere in Oregon


A Dog with Dave at the Dawg House


He’s a speck on the road in that photo


Gorgeous sunset coming into Pendleton


The Snake River, Clarkston, ID on the left, Lewiston, WA on the right.


The intersection.

Why is there a curb behind the sidewalk? Dave has been here a dozen times before, we think he used to ride into that gas station this way previously, and just never saw the new curb.

I am sure he would enjoy get-well cards, send to:

David Wells, 207 Oakland Street, Holly, MI 48442

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