The Saint Joe

what a great river, and campgrounds.

got into Turner Flat campground about noon on Tuesday, stayed until Friday morning. Norm Hedd from Seattle came over in his Jeep, so we had a ride, too. This really helps when packing ice, beer, and wood. I had a 12 pack, one bag of ice, and two bundles of wood on the BMW, it would have been a great photo if I had not been in such a hurry to unload it!


Norm gave me some great tips on flyfishing, as well as some tools, a Ty-Rite fly holder, some retractable rings, and a book on the bugs in a river and how to tell what might be biting.

Norm got two cutthroat trout, I got one. This is a catch and release river, so I was as gentle as I could be and let it go.

very peaceful nights, wind blowing through the trees….

butterflies flitting by while swinging in the hammock


I rode off on Friday morning, up river. The last song on the iPod shuffle play was “Hey Joe” by Hendrix…

“Hey Joe, where you goin’ with that fly pole in your hand”?


Think Different


Trout Slayer


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