Now Minnesota starts throwing me some curves, so I am liking it here.

I was pushing for Duluth, but it was late in the day, strange city, rush hour, tired….maybe not.

I investigated about 5 campsites in ND but was pretty disappointed with them. However, the first site I checked in MN was awesome!

National Forest campgrounds are usually the nicest and cheapest, but they don’t come better than this…

Mabel Lake, MN


Lets see;

Shade, check

Private beach, check

Level, check

firewood already present, Bonus!

site paid for already, Bonus!


Dinner cooking


Sunset on Mabel Lake, as the mosquitoes swarm out. They came out and dawn and dusk, not much fun then!



The Mississippi river! Gotta do The Great River Road one day.


Hwy 200 from Missoula, MT to MN, thanks for a great run, 200!


aaaaand, Aerostich, in Duluth, where my Roadcrafter suit is being stitched, washed, & waterproofed before I head across Wisconsin into Michigan. I am hoping to camp over by the Mackinaw bridge into the Michigan UP, but we will see what the weather holds!

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