I seem to be getting on the road about 10am on this trip, getting out of Duluth was no different…but before I got on the freeway I ride back to Aerostich and leave the owner, Andy Goldfine, one of my business cards. He is a member of the same motorcycle club as I am, Ride & Party….getting pretty slim on the members these days. He writes back a few hours later saying he was sorry to miss me and do I have some updated email addresses…cool!

I am so glad I am avoiding as much interstate as possible, these two lane highways are the best…where else do you get to stop and check out such cool old buildings!


This one had a satellite dish and telephone box, so it was inhabited. brrrrrrrrrr!


The Beast clicks over 58,000 miles…there are way more miles than this on the bike, that is not a stock speedo, but this will do.

I approve!


Iron River at Lake Superior


Just motoring along minding my own business, along comes a sign…”Hoot’N’Holler Tavern, 2 miles>>>”

Cant pass up that name! damn nice fish sandwich, draft beer, and a heck of a view. Great stop!


Lake Gogebic (?)


I intended to camp somewhere along the south shore of Lake Superior and check out Pictured Rocks State Park, but with the last days of summer winding down and school winding up…everything was either full or too spendy for me. $140 for a room by myself is too spendy. I did try to find some national forest campgrounds, but the only signs are at the highway, once you turn off it, good luck finding the campground. I ride 10 miles down one road before quitting. So…we keep rolling, and rolling, and rolling.

Hello Fox River Town Park! Goodbye $8!


totally awesome Luci solar powered lantern…(mpowerd.com) It is sitting on my waterbottle for extra light.


this was a great site, but I seem to have absorbed a bit of whisky in the evening and am moving a little slowly this morning!


Finally roll into Holly, Michigan, where my buddy Dave is waiting in his wheelchair. 3,323 miles, 1/2 quart of oil. Go BMW!


Dave is A Real Man…apparently


Holly Town Hall…cool little town. I love the freight trains rolling through the night, wooooooooooooowooooooooooo


Why yes, it is!


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