Not much to say about getting here, except…Cool! I tagged West Virginia too!

lots of interstates today, booooooooooRING…skirting Ann Arbor and Toledo, I am on the way to Ride & Party Ken & Elaine’s place in PA near Pittsburgh. Ken sends me the route, typically, just a paragraph with highway numbers in it. I do get out in the boonies eventually, though, and in Woodville, on Hwy 20…there appears The Speed Trap Diner. Can’t pass that up! Great spot!


Biker Babe Avenue…


Due to the fact I was dodging thunderstorms all day, not many photos. I didn’t miss them all, either. My Roadcrafter got rewashed, and the bike got the bugs blasted off of it. Still, Hwy 250 avoided a lot of it, and the thunderstorms followed me all the way to McDonald, PA. The GPS was awesome, it showed the rain very accurately. Green means water, yellow means buckets of water. I don’t want to know about any other colors.

This fixer-upper was in Germane, PA. That is some old stuff there.


Floated into the smiling arms of Elaine, dancing the green hills of Pennsylvania with the rhythm of the road accompanied by Peter Green’s “A Fool No More”….perfect.

R&P Karyn flies in tonight from LA, her bike is here getting worked on, Ken & Elaine have a place here and in Phoenix, so Karyn rode it over to Phoenix and Ken trucked it out here when they came out for summer. Karyn has flown out several times this summer for rides. We all leave Saturday morning for Maine, heading to a cool tavern/motel in Marathon, NY first, then someplace near Lake Placid, NY, then Bar Harbor….and LOBSTER!

Those 3 will come back here the following weekend, I might, but I might head south from there too. All depends on the weather. Right now it is wonderfully cool, low humidity, and awesome.

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