Ride & ParTAY!

loading up the cycles…and here they are…

Ken’s, very modified. Ken’s done all our bikes.
I ‘think’ this started out as an R80ST, but now has a 1000cc engine and old skool airbox. You’ll note other modifications…🙂


Next is Elaines, AKA 2Lane. This started out as a monolever R65, but now also has a 1000cc engine with the stock R65 rear end, for that jet assist takeoff feeling. Ken also put in a taller 5th gear. Pelican bags, by Ken.


Karyn’s R80. This is a basically stock monolever R80, but now has the windscreen, EnduraLast charging system (we’ve all got that)and the ladies and I also have an LED headlight bulb from an ADVrider.com vendor. Schweeeeet!


You already are familiar with The Beast. It is much dirtier than these…so I will leave the photo out. 😉

Lift off, 8am tomorrow.
First leg; Boneyard East to Marathon, NY
Second leg; Marathon, NY to Lake Saranac, NY
Third? TBD

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