I don’t stop as much when touring with company, too complicated. They worry that I broke down, I don’t want to slow them down, etc.

K&E’s daughter Kasey is flying in Sunday, 9/11, so they have to be back, Karyn’s flight out is Tuesday, so she has to be back in PA too.

I tag along for a few days for the company, but no stopping for photos…we get a bit sidetracked, Ken’s maps don’t show us where we are, and one turn takes us on a nice little hill, dirt, rutted and washboarded, with a sign that says 4WD only! Karyn is not in love with riding in the dirt, K&E and I are quite enamored of it. Karyn motors up that hill like Evel Knievel, but Ken and I both know we’re gonna hear about this. Ken has me route the shortest distance to our KOA destination, and I manage to take us down a dirt road too. Dodge Hollow Road. I can’t pass it up. It takes us all over the place, at one point right through a farmyard, where two women holding babies just break out in smiles to see us, but the little girl holding one’s skirt was the prize winner, she smiled so brightly it made my day.

This KOA cabin is tiny, expensive, and hot. Oh well. The onsite vendor made us so damn fine burgers tho, and we crash…long damn day,.



check out the cool trailer!

The next day, bringing us current on this blog, was just brilliant. Empty roads, Ken routed us just north of the Catskill Mountains, glorious sweepers, fresh pavement, it doesn’t get better than this.

Ken has a pucker factor 9 experience, as do I, since I am right behind him. Instant rear flat. His rear end starts whipping around, I thought he hit oil, but see that the rear tire is flat. He gets it under control for a moment, and then it starts whipping about again. We end up stopped in a PA State Parks driveway, where the ranger comes out and offers us an air compressor. Ken and I get the wheel off and repaired in record time. Looks like a valve stem failure, and in a brand new tube too. Scary.


sidewalk mechanics



I do stop and get SOME photos…



very cool lions







We decide to go 20 miles out of our way to tag Connecticut


check out the horns on those bad boys!


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