The Journey

Well then!

that was a heck of a ride, thanks goes out to Ken and Elaine Bone and Karyn McNabb for making the time to join me, and especially to Karyn’s family, Jose and Kevyn, for holding down the fort while Karyn went to play. THANKS!

this will be a long post. It is now Sept 11, 2016. I am holed up in a SWEET Inn on a lake, appropriately named, The Inn at Starlight Lake.

Let me start at the beginning.

We left Friday the 2nd. I was apprehensive about riding in the NE on Labor Day weekend, but it all turned out pretty well. The first day was a long grunt to get into NY. We stayed at the 3 Bears Inn, which had delightful food and deplorable beds, and was right next to the freeway. Oh well, 1 out of 2 isn’t bad.



I can’t remember much about the day, Ken was lead mostly, but it worked out better if K&E went together and Karyn and I rode together, we met up for gas and food, and major intersections. One rule on this tour is minimal interstates, so this Bar Harbor trip was 3 days each way. We took 4 days getting there, nice and easy. Lots of small (and smaller!) roads. K&E are paper map people, I am a GPS person, so there was a little adjustment period while we figure out what worked.

Day 2 was into the Adirondack Mountains! This was very fun, but the traffic got thicker and thicker.

We met for breakfast in Bouckville, great little spot Ken found.


Loved the dog sign.


more and more color!


some lake, some where. dang lot of lakes up there. One day I am going to be a float plane pilot.


Saranac Lake. We got a motel room here and stayed the night, going out for NY Mexican food was an experience, the food was good, but that ain’t Mexican.

Day 3

dammit, you guys get up too early! Coffee in the room, and vamanos! We Ride! Its nice to get an hour or so under your belt (and tires) before having breakfast. This place was awesome, and the coffee was great.


not the restaurant, silly. you may have noticed by now, the motorcycles will be a continuing theme….



View from our table!

Passed lots of Amish horse carts this morning, you’re warned by the steaming turds…the cuteness winner was the Amish family walking to church, Sunday morning best on, the boys just beaming at the bikes. Nice.

Ken and Elaine are very experienced long distance riders, I can learn a lot from them. One of the tips is to stay in KOA campgrounds. I have always been very skeptical of them, but out here in the east they’re pretty good. We stayed in a sweet cabin with kitchen, fireplace, BBQ, lawn swing, and all the amenities. Ken grilled us up some sirloin tips, Elaine made a salad, we dined sumptuously!

Day 4

Into Maine! Before, tho, we cross out of NY into and past New Hampshire and Vermont. No, I didn’t stop for any maple products. One VERY cool thing was crossing Lake Champlain by ferry, Elaine likes ferrys, as do we all.


Lining up….




Woo HOOO! This is a big lake, full of history, lots of battles in the Revolution on this lake.

We intended to ride up Mt. Washington, but the one way road, not through, and 1 mile of dirt, no railings, and $17 fee made the others bail, I didn’t though, so up I went. Yes, it is steep. No, there are no railings. The dirt section was not too bad, but they watered it to keep the dust down, which didn’t help.


going up….


and up…


Highest recorded wind speeds experienced by man were here, 231 MPH. Note the chains on the building….



be an exciting drive in winter, eh?


going down. Spooky stopping, one lane road, not much forgiveness here.


the gang were down the hill a ways, enjoying a snack and dip in this…


We Have Arrived!


K&E booked a KOA just across the bridge on Mt. Desert Island, which is the island that Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park reside upon.

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