Big state, big skies…


Heading into North Dakota this morning, rode from Great Falls, MT to Sidney, MT. Hard to find campsites out here, only ones I saw were in the middle of tiny towns, the town parks allow camping, but solo in a small town on a Saturday night…I think not.

Hopefully tonight I can find a nice place to stay for a few days. I am traveling in a southern loop of the Jet Stream, which means gloriously cool weather, 20 degrees below normal…this means the 70-80’s. Ahhhhhhhhh.

I put the wings on the engine at the first gas stop, about an hour later I stopped, popped a beer, had wings and an orange with a few horses accompanying me. No, they didn’t get any!

Montana Picnic

The western side of MT is very pretty, 3-5k’ passes, rivers, valleys, etc. The cool of the rivers and shaded sides of passes contrast with the blasting heat of valleys and sunny slopes.

Eastern side is rolling hills, ruler straight roads.

Click below for full shot.


time to saddle up and see what North Dakota dishes out.


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