The Tail of the Dragon

The Dragon is a world famous section of a highway, Hwy 129, starts in North Carolina. Very hyped. Of course, I needed the sticker.

Mad Dog said “don’t go out of your way for it”

good advice, Dave! But it isn’t out of my way, it is right on the way from the bottom of the Blue Ridge to the top of the Natchez Trace, so I go get the sticker(s)…but some photos of the ride there…



really pretty, but getting gahdamn warm…


Yeah, it’s got some curves, but so did that babe from DC…oh wait, where did she come from? 😉


I guess the chain represents the rider taming the turns? huh?


lots of bikes, and bits of old bikes


It was curvy, alright. There was one nasty drop-twist turn, if y’all have ever done Laguna Seca you know what I mean. That is where most of these were found, I bet. I damn near got air on the Beast, and I was not going fast. I let a squid wiggle by, but passed 5 Harley’s. Not going slow, either!

Still, Hwy 1 is curvy, Leggett road is curvy, etc.

I got two badass reflective red dragons that now reside on my hand guards, and a Dragon Hwy sticker.



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