On The Road

aaaaaannnnnd, I am off!

Declan and Missy both get up to say goodbye, and I hit the road early, 7am, to try to beat the heat.

not a half hour later….fortunately on a wide 4 lane, I have a rear flat. Dammit! I was uneasy already, the rear tire is now an enduro tire, with knobs, these feel a bit squirrely just driving along…but no, this is a flat.

Just a second after this photo two wild pigs, Javelina’s? come trotting across the freeway and right behind me through a fence. One gives me a little piggy stare, and I stare back…”mmmm, you look tasty!”


Not sure what happened here, I suspect a pinched tube from my mounting job…combined with road heat. Can’t patch that! I have a spare tube, but it is a front tube, 21″, not 18″. This will work, in a pinch, but not for long.


about 75 miles later, with no motorcycle shops in sight, the rear goes flat again. Dammit! I take all my gear off and start idling the bike along the emergency lane, no patching this one, either. Fortunately, Justin, a pump technician, pulls over in his truck and helps me out. I sling all my shit in the back, including the rear wheel, and we head 5 miles down the road where he says there is a Harley shop. I purchase three tubes, one for the rear, and one of each size for spares, and the lovely mechanic slaps the new tube into the rear wheel with his tire machine for only $10! Thanks, James! Justin gives me a ride back to the bike and I am on the road again. Thanks, Justin!

I am still uneasy with the squirrely feel of the different rear tire, but we motor on….FAST!


I stay in a dive in Childress, TX, and get an AM selfie


Rain ahead! Just gotta punch through…




Self Serve!





Finally, Tucumcari, NM. No more interstate for now!


nice desert rat rods


crumbling adobe farm


BBB break outside of Santa Fe


I finally pull into Santa Fe…what a wonderful town!




Janice and Tom are both working, so I relax in this spot for a few hours until they arrive.

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