Santa Fe!

now this is a sweet town…

Janice and Tom get home about dark, she from her nursing job, him from working on their house after his regular job. I feel right at home with tank bags, riding gear, and helmets lying about. Tom designs and builds very nice homes in the area, Janice does her massage and nursing. Santa Fe is a wonderful, colorful, and interesting town, a haven of money in a state of poverty. They both take the next day off, as much as they can, and show me around, both Santa Fe and their new home they are working on.


Janice and I take Luna, the white Shepard, for a walk along the river


and then drive up to their home in the hills, where I see a fantastic sunset while throwing a stick for Luna


the next day Tom returns to his construction job, and Janice takes me for a walk in the mountains, and I get a hot rock massage, woo hooo! Janice is a massage magician!






Beautiful, peaceful, tranquil….it is not easy to ride away…


but I do…heading up the High Road to Taos and on to Durango


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