Highway 50!

I went up to Durango for the lovely shopping, Colorado has some nice stores now! 🙂 I got that all taken care of the night I arrived, so I sit on the front porch of the motel and watch the world roll by, sampling different substances….I arise….late.

Today will be a long stint on I-70. Buried beneath it is Hwy 50, one of my fathers favorite roads, as it is mine. I have ridden it many times, mostly from CA to CO, but once from Washington DC to Reno. It feels good being on familiar roads again. However, being boring and with storms all around, I do not stop much…


I have to slab it west until I angle off at Selina, UT, heading to Delta, UT for the night. I like Delta, I have been here before.

One trip, heading to the Paonia Rally in Colorado on the R1100RS, I had a wonderful experience…

Hot, tired, hungry, trying to make Moms Cafe in Salina, I stop here for gas. Pulling away from the pump, the right cylinder head hits the pump guard posts. Bam! Down!
I pick myself up, check out the bike, and keep going. Part way out of town I look down at me right boot, which is dripping with oil. That’s not supposed to do that! I had noticed an old gas station that said Lott’s Welding on it, so I went back there. In the garage bay I could see motorcycles, so I was hopeful. A guy was in the office cursing at tax documents, I ask if he can weld up a cracked valve cover, as I had smacked and cracked it. He said “how many times have I told you not to do that!?”
He came out and looked, said that’s magnesium, can’t weld it, but we can JB weld it. As we were working, 2 twin blonde girls came running out of the house next door “whatcha doin, grandpa?” “We’re patching up a hole in this fellas engine, he smacked it”
Everything the twins said was in perfect unison…
“We’ve done that!”
Lott would not let me leave, he said the JB weld needed to cure overnight, so he pushed me and the bike down to the Rancher motel/cafe…a long block away, and it was over 100 degrees. That’s where I stayed last night too.

I danced with rainstorms all day, lightning to the right, left, and ahead. Fortunately the road threads through the storms and I only get a drop. After I unpack I walk over to the restaurant and have a burger and the storms let loose.


Next stop, Austin, NV!

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