From Austin, NV I ride to my friend Muni’s house in Carson City, she is a new rider I met on the ADV campout at Lake Pillsbury last spring.

The Hwy 50 Shoe Tree…I thought this was the one that got cut down, but I guess not!


Looking unsuccessfully for a Loneliest Road in America sticker…


Muni is very conveniently located, since I can’t ride all the way home in one day, and do not want to stay in another motel, or eat another burger! Plus, I had heard so much about her daughter Shanti and her new KTM that I had to stop.

We had a great visit, I was too tired to do much but relax on the couch, but we made it fun.

The next day Muni makes me check tire pressures and I am low 10lbs on the rear…THANKS! Muni! that made a big difference.


It was foookin’ nippy going over Donner Summit!, but after I started the descent into California, Hwy 20 showed up and I whacked that throttle. I do so love that road.

I meet Emily West in Nevada City for breakfast, and then tell the GPS to get me home the shortest route…and I find a new road that way! Wow! on my home turf and everything!  It goes off a bit below Smartville over to Beale AFB, and then straight into Marysville. 15 minutes shorter!

So nice to be in the Central Valley!


Here is the Yuba crossing on the Beale route…


Dust storm north of Williams….ANOTHER storm missed me!


I’m on the home run, now…I have done this ride from Nevada City to Mendocino for 40+ years….like familiar shoes, but more like 7 league boots!

Even Clear Lake lets me slip swiftly through…

Pattersons – Traditional ‘I’m Home Safe!’ meal


Well, I’ll be dipped…..I made it.

I sit idling in the driveway looking at this



I am so lucky


You’re not going anywhere, Buster!


BuddhaDuck sails on home seas…


9,782 miles, 54 days, 27 states, 3 time zones

2 flats, 2 hours of rain, 2 warnings from the nice officers.

3 thoughts on “HOME!”

  1. It was fun to be a part of your epic journey 🙂 Thank you for stopping by and for all the beautiful pictures along the way! Shanti and I thoroughly enjoyed the gaint indoor soccer match.

  2. Great last pic !!!
    Hey … what’s your non tech3 email ? I wanted to shoot you a note but don’t have a direct email address. normally

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