The Great Basin

Heading west again, yay!

Another day of storm dancing ahead. Hwy 50 is renowned as ‘The Loneliest Highway in America’….but as another long distance rider pointed out, it’s pretty well known now, and not so lonely.

still…the big empty.


50 mile straights, then up and over a pass, and…another 50 mile straightaway. The RS1100 ate this shit up, I could run about 120mph through this…but the old R80 just rumbles along at 80…..






I stop for a snack, fruit, water, powerbar…but the storms keep pushing me on…


Finally, Austin rolls up….very cool town.

The International is a wonderful local bar/restaurant, never a dull moment in there. One year, about 13 years ago, they had a massive outbreak of Mormon Crickets ( I mean, so massive they were 3-6″ thick on the roads, they had to plow the passes, and it STOPPED TRAINS. It was a little gross to ride through, all the crunching noises you know, but turned out ok. You had to be sure to check EVERYTHING, bugs all over the beds, bathrooms, roads, everywhere. I tried riding fast through them, but then they took off and flew, which was not desirable. Keep it slow and crunchy, they stayed on the ground.


I have a nice relaxing afternoon reading on the porch, watching the world drive by my door, and then walk up to the International for a burger. Another burger….it’s gonna be salads and rice for a month when I get home!


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